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Flex with FlexeoPlus

by Levi Bloom

For the past two years, my bike racing has been lackluster to say the least. While I am sometimes modest about my abilities, my ego has forced me to come up with enough excuses to make up for my losses! (Increasing school and work commitments, moving up to the expert/pro class, etc.)

What really bothers me though, is not my inability to win. Or my lack of leg strength and cardiovascular fitness. Itís that my back started to bother me, and it always gets too uncomfortable for me to focus on the race.

Thing is, I know why. It all goes back to a couple freestyle BMX accidents last summer. One where I went down on my right shoulder and another where I fell and landed on my back, on the bike...

It took me a while just to get back onto the road bike. Later on I made it back to my mountain bike, and eventually even to my BMX bike (although I took it easy.)

Just so you know, the point of writing this was not to whine about my sore back. (or was it...) Actually, I wanted to mention this stuff I tried because you might like to try it too, especially if you have chronic back pain or are recovering from a wreck.

Continue reading this article... "Keep Flexing With FlexeoPlus For Muscle and Joint Relief"


Levi Bloom also writes health and fitness articles on his cycling coaching website,


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