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Top 7 Ways to Make Sure your Bike will Last for Years

by Levi Bloom on June 10, 2013

So, you finally went ahead and took that spanking new bike you always wanted? Congratulations! Right now, the bike is in great condition, and seems to be ready to take on all the tracks you have been planning to go for. However, a few months down the line, the bike's shape may tell a very different story.

Wear and tear and improper care can turn even the sturdiest of bikes into sad weak replicas of their former glory. Maintaining and cleaning your bicycle regularly is very important and critical to the bike's lifespan, as any negligence would only deteriorate the bike's condition with time. However, I am sure you definitely do not want your bike to have that fate, and getting more information about the different types of bikes would assist you with the upkeep and maintenance requirements of a bike.

So, now would be a very good time to sit down and check out some awesome tips and tricks that will help you keep your bike up and running at top condition for many years to come.

1. Know your Bike: Each bike has its own strengths and weaknesses. Knowing where to stop, how much pressure your bike can take, and how much is too much, will go a long way in keeping the bike in good shape.

2. Use the Right Lubricant: While many feel that a lube is unnecessary, I cannot stress enough on this fact - the lube is quite important. Moreover, the right kind of lube can spell wonders for the ride.

3. Keep the Seat at the Best Position: Riding in uncomfortable positions can not only put strain on your body, but also on the bike. Keep the seat elevated to the height that best fits your cycling posture.

4. Ensure Safe Bike Transportation: When transporting the bike, make sure that it is properly secured and is not lose or movable. The movement can damage, scratch or chip the bike.

5. Keep the Chain Clean: A chain filled with grease is not necessarily a great chain. Wipe off the excess grease, and keep the chain as clean as possible.

6. Check the Brakes Regularly: The brake pads tend to wear and tear over time, and the brake cable must not be strung too loose or too tight.

7. Keep the Tires Properly Inflated: The tire's inflation levels must be regularly checked. A tire that has too little air, and one that has too much, can both get easily damaged on the road.


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