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Bodyweight Exercises for Cyclists: Mountain Climber


How to do the Mountain Climber:

The Mountain Climber is a simple exercise, but don't be fooled - it will make you hurt in no time!

Start out kneeling down on your hands and knees, then come onto your hands and feet; just like a push-up position. Then stride one leg forward underneath your chest and have the other straight back behind you.

mountain climber 1

To do the exercise, keep alternating your legs back and forth using explosive movements. It's like your legs are running, but since your hands are on the ground, it's like climbing a flat mountain!

mountain climber 2

Counting each stride as a repetition, try for 50 reps. And work your way up to 100 consecutive reps!

Why you should do the Mountain Climber:

The Mountain Climber will build some serious, explosive power in your legs. These explosive leg movements, plus the fact that your arms are supporting your body, makes it very beneficial for your cycling form.



Home > Bodyweight Exercises