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3 star rating

50 Top Bike Racing Tips Ebook

by Levi Bloom

50 Top Bike Racing Tips is a book written for cyclists who want to start racing their bikes. It covers all the training and racing principles and techniques that one needs to know, and everything is laid out in 50 short "easy to digest" chapters.

Pros: Most everything you need to know for getting started in bicycling and bicycle racing is included in this book. Each of the 50 tips has a page of description to go with it, so this book is great for beginners.

Cons: For experienced cyclists, there's nothing new in this book. If you've been riding and/or racing for years, or if you've read any training manuals or even been a bicycling magazine subscriber for a few years, you won't get much from this book.

There are also a few bits of bike repair advice that I don't agree with.

The Final Word

If you are new to cycling and really want to start racing, this book covers most of what you need to know, and it will improve your racing more than if you were to spend your money on fancy bike parts.

However, if you are already an experienced bike racer, this won't have any secret tips to give you an edge. You are better off getting a book like Joe Friel's Training Bible, or perhaps joining Cyclo-Club.

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