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2 star rating

Easy Hand Bike Tool Review

By Levi Bloom

Here is a new take on the tire lever that is supposed to make it much easier to mount your tires.

Pros: This is an interesting tool. It promises to ease the difficult, finger-destroying practice of stretching tight race tires onto your rims.

It is a well-built tool and is not too expensive, costing only $7.95 including shipping to the US. The customer service is good, and the international shipping was faster than expected.

Cons: It does not work as well as promised. I got it to work, but not without some hard stretching of the tire.

Also, it is bigger than a regular tire lever, making it less practical to use while riding. The other drawback is that it only installs tires, whereas the regular tire lever will aid in installation and removal of tires.

To top things off, the tool is a bit small for working with 700x25c tires. It is best with 700x20c, even though the wider tires can be just as hard to install.

easyhand bike tool
Tire lever, Easy Hand, rim and tire.

using easyhand bike tool
Squeezing a tire onto the rim.

The Final Word

If you have a lot of trouble installing your tires and have a spare $8 lying around and nothing to buy, you could consider ordering one of these tools. It might not help that much, but for the price, it's worth a shot (that is, if you have some 700x20c tires that are super hard to install!)

I'd actually recommend it more for a "conversation starter" than something to use on a daily basis.


Home > Product Reviews