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Carry a Bike Repair Kit... In Your Water Bottle!

By Levi Bloom on 9/25/08

Have you ever wanted to carry your spare tube and tool kit inconspicuously? You don't want it in your pocket, and you sure don't want an ugly seatbag attached to your beautiful bicycle. What do you do?

Well, you can get a bike repair kit that fits in a container that fits in your water bottle cage! If you take short trips and don't require two bottles of water, you might like this solution.

Here are four options for stashing your gear in an extra bottle cage:


Soma Stash Bottle

soma stash bottle

The Stash Bottle is quite simply a plastic container with a screw-top lid. It fits in your bottle cage and has a wide opening so you can toss your stuff in it.



Cage Rocket

cage rocket

The Cage Rocket is a plastic container that is shaped much like a water bottle (or a rocket ship.) It fits in your bottle cage, has a foam lining, and it has a neat flip-top lid. A waterproof version is available.



Trek Water Bottle Softshell Pack

trek soft shell bottle bag

This is a softshell bag, much like a seatbag, except it is shaped like a water bottle and fits in your bottle cage. When unzipped, you'll find two internal pockets to hold your stuff.



Old Plastic Jar

If all else fails, find an old plastic jar (like a peanut butter jar) that you can wedge into a bottle cage.

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