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The Ultimate List of Bike Repair Resources

by Levi Bloom on 1/1/08 does not cover every single aspect of bicycle repair, so here is a long list of bike repair websites. Surely one of them will have what you need!

Sheldon Brown
Known for helping countless cyclists, the late Sheldon Brown (via his website full of knowledge) is a great place to go.

Jim Langley
Jim Langley is a great mechanic and has some interesting articles and how-to's on his site.

For example: Bicycle Noises (and solutions!)

The Bicycle Tutor
Very well-done video tutorials from an experienced bike mechanic, for those sick of reading.

Utah MTB Fix-it Page
An extensive reference filled with mountain bike repair tutorials, plus a lot of useful info for anyone in Utah.

Park Tool
The best bike tool manufacturer in the world (plus, thorough guides to use their tools to fix your bike.)

How to Fix Bikes
A personal blog with another take on bike repair advice, coupled with other fun blog posts.


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