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Cyclo-Club Launches!

by Levi Bloom on April 13, 2008

cyclo-club header

New websites are launched every single day, but these new websites are usually a copy of Myspace or Youtube and provide no value to anyone, let alone cyclists like us. That has changed today though, as Graeme Street has launched an innovative new website for cyclists known as Cyclo-Club.

Graeme Street and "Cyclo-Club" may sound familiar, as Graeme is a cyclist and personal trainer who created the Cyclo-Core line of training and nutrition plans and workout DVDs. Graeme always wanted to help cyclists improve their cycling, but now he is doing it on a level far greater than what he did with his workout programs.

What Cyclo-Club is doing is building a cycling community, much like a local cycling club, but on a larger scale. The Club brings together experts in all areas of cycling and creates a huge knowledge base for its members. Then, along with that expert knowledge, club members can interact via discussion forums, blogs, teleseminars, and participate in contests.

The site is still in its very early stages, but it is off to a fast start. Take a look at some of the sections so far:

That is only a small sample though. There are more departments and more will be added in the future. There are also member blogs, discussion forums, and weekly contests where you can win valuable prizes.

To get all this, you will have to be a member of Cyclo-Club, so check it out at

Or... continue reading about Cyclo-Club in our Product Reviews section - Review of Cyclo-Club.


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