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Cyclo-Core: A Review of The Ultimate Off-Season Workout

by Levi Bloom on November 21, 2005

What makes something the "ulimate" workout?

Is it the hardest? The most effective? The most intense?

cyclo-core dvd

In the case of Cyclo-Core, it doesn't matter, because it fits each of those criteria!

After personally testing the program, I can honestly say it is the ultimate off-season workout. It's not the most painful or scariest thing I've ever done, but it borders between "man that's a crazy intense workout" and "I'm never doing that again!" It can best be described as "I hurt in parts of my body that I didn't know existed!"

The logical part of my brain said to quit doing the workout and go back to fun winter pastimes like sledding and snowball fights, but the aspiring pro cyclist in me said to keep doing the workout so I could win every bike race I entered. So I did both.

And I'll tell you what - the bike mechanic in me was happy.

You probably didn't think that bike mechanics needed a workout program, did you?

Well we do. I mean, we have to lift bike boxes all day. They're not the heaviest things, but all the bending over and moving things around can really take a toll on your back.

And isn't it nice when you know you can rip the legs off most of the guys that walk in to the shop?

So give Cyclo-Core ( a shot. Your lower back will thank me!

(In the end, I think the "ultimate" rating comes from this workout program being good for cyclists, mechanics, and even Tour de France fans who have to walk up Alpe de Huez to get a good spectator spot.)


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