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FRS Healthy Energy Drink Joins Forces with Lance Armstrong and LIVESTRONG

by Levi Bloom on March 1, 2008

"Lance's relationship with FRS is more than an endorsement deal, it's a partnership. After carefully reviewing the science behind the product and meeting our management team, Lance has joined our Board of Directors and chosen FRS to be the exclusive beverage he represents worldwide. FRS aligns with his lifestyle choices and what he believes in. Power your life with FRS."

In 2007, New Sun Nutrition (makers of the FRS energy drinks) announced a partnership with 7-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong. According to their website, Armstrong will be the company's chief spokesman and has also joined New Sun Nutrition's Board of Directors. With the energy drink market currently dominated by sugary, unhealthy drinks, it's great to see a healthy option, especially one that is recommended by a cyclist.

FRS, which stands for Free Radical Scavenger, contains a special combination of essential vitamins, metabolic enhancers, and two powerful flavonoids - quercetin (an antioxidant typically found in the skins of apples, onions, and red grapes) and catechins (extracted from green tea).

How does it work? FRS provides your body with a large amount of antioxidants which fight off free radicals and other toxins, making it so you don't waste energy. It was initially developed to fight fatigue in cancer patients on chemotherapy, so it would make sense that athletes can use it, too. I was able to try this myself and I must say that it provides a nice, long-lasting energy boost.

But aside from the endorsement from Lance Armstrong and my first-hand results, FRS has one more connection to the cycling industry - they support Lance Armstrong's LiveStrong foundation. According to their website, "ten cents of every case sold of FRS cans goes to the Lance Armstrong Foundation" and "similar payments are also made on cases sold of all other FRS product formats including concentrate, chews and drink powder."

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