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Google Maps Are Great For Cyclists

By Levi Bloom on 6/10/06

Once again, Google has come to the rescue, improving something I didn't even know needed improved! In this case, it's their new online mapping service, like Mapquest, but much better.

I stumbled upon Google Maps when I wanted to find a back route to the other side of town. Well, after looking at Mapquest and MSN Maps, I decided to test out Google Maps since I hadn't messed with it very much.

So what did I find?

I found that whenever Google does something, they do it better than anyone else!

I'm not sure how, but on Google's maps you can find every road you are looking for, and they all make sense. Then you can zoom and scroll with ease.

So yeah, for maps and directions, it's great. But why is it so great for cyclists??

Choosing ride routes!!

All you have to do is put in your street address to start. Then just start scrolling around the map that comes up. You'll see the small roads, small highways, and big highways. It's pretty obvious which roads go through town and which ones are scenic.

Try it out for yourself! It's one of those things that you'll understand when you look at it. I can almost guarantee that this will open your mind to new ride routes!

Click here to try Google Maps


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