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A Preview of The New "Green" Chain Lubes

by Levi Bloom

As cyclists, we don't use much oil, but we do have to keep our chains lubed. Well, now we can lube our chains with "green" chain lube and help the environment even more!

Most of these lubes are based on a natural substance such as soybean oil. Have a look for yourself:

Dumonde Tech G-10 Bio Green Bike Lubricant

G-10 Bio Green bicycle chain lubricant is 100% plant based and 100% biodegradable. Highly concentrated, low-friction film layer keeps components clean and quiet running for long periods of time, while resisting being washed off. (In other words, it has the high quality of regular Dumonde Tech lube, but in a "green" formula.)

More info:
Buy: REI

Pedro's CHAINj

Pedro's new biodegradable chain lubricant made from 100% renewable resources has arrived. Suited for wet conditions, such as mountain biking.

More info:
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Pedro's GO!

This canola-based, low viscosity lube is biodegradable and penetrates easily into the rollers and plates of the chain for mess-free lubrication. Designed for clean conditions, like road riding.

More info:
Buy: REI

Green Oil

This lube is made from a secret formula of naturally occurring plant extracts, and it's non-irritating for people and the environment. It's a wet lube, so it's best for wet conditions and mountain biking. (The label is even printed on recycled paper!)

More info:

Ernesto Lube

Ernesto Lube is a readily available and renewable biodegradable soy-based metal lubricating fluid made for your bike chain.

More info:

Whatever lube tickles your fancy, know that by choosing one of these green lubes, you're doing your part to help the planet!


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