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Packing a Camelbak or Seatbag

By Levi Bloom on 9/20/08

It sure is nice to take off for a ride without a care in the world. No hydration pack to make your back sweaty, and no seatbag weighing down your bike.

But it isn't so nice to get a flat tire or break your chain miles from home without tools, is it?

If you want to avoid the torture of walking your bike home, all you have to do is pack a few basic tools in your seatbag so you're ready for common mechanicals. Aside from the necessities of food and water, here is what you should be packing for each ride:

In Your Hydration Pack:


In Your Seat Bag:


*TIP 1* Don't just stick your tubes in your pack. First, coat them with a little talcum powder and stick them in an old sock or wrap them with a rag. That will keep them from getting scraped up by your tools! (The rag will come in handy, too.)

*TIP 2* Make sure your multi-tool contains at least these tools: Phillips and Flat screwdriver blades; 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 Hex wrenches. If you run disc brakes, a T25 Torx wrench is also required. A spoke wrench and/or chain tool can be nice, too.


That's it. Just keep these essential items with you at all times and things should be fine.

* Keep in mind that this article assumes you'll carry a hydration pack while mountain biking and a seat bag while road cycling, and that you'll be doing a basic ride from 30 minutes to 3-4 hours. Longer rides and tours may require more gear.


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