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The Bike Lock Test

by Levi Bloom

Here we have an assortment of bike locks from various manufacturers. U-locks or chain locks, key or combination, these are some of the best ones money can buy.

Browse the list and see which one looks best for you.

kryptonite ny chain lock

Kryptonite NY Chain Lock

The biggest, burliest lock I've ever seen. It also happens to be my personal lock. I've been using it in Massachusetts, and there have been no signs of anyone trying to break it. Most likely, if someone sees this lock, they just pass it by. (It sure is heavy, though.)

The coolest thing is that it comes with a lighted key if you're ever left in the dark!

kryptonite ny 3000 u lock

Kryptonite NY 3000 Lock

Bicycling Magazine Editor's Choice Award May, 2002

You can't argue with Bicycling Magazine. The New York locks are expensive but worth it if you live in a high crime area. If you want to keep your bike, Kryptonite's NY locks won't let you down.

topeak beast lock

Topeak OnGuard Beast Lock

It looks pretty beefy, kind of like a Kryptonite NY lock. It costs about the same, too. To tell you the truth, I would stick with a Kryptonite NY lock. (I haven't used this lock or heard from anyone else who did, so I won't discuss much about it.)

kryptonite kryptkeeper lock

Kryptonite Kryptkeeper Lock

Flexible, self-coiling steel cable, long enough to lock both wheels. It's a basic cable lock, a good choice in low crime areas.

onguard combo titan lock cable

OnGuard Combo Titan Lock Cable

This heavy-duty, self-coiling cable comes with the ultra tough M-Cylinder locking mechanism with a thick hardened steel anti-drill plate for added protection. Vinyl coated with easy to use mounting bracket that fits most bikes. Includes five keys.


The locks mentioned here can be purchased at:

Performance Bike, Nashbar, or eBay.

Buy Bike Locks
REI offers a wide selection of top-rated U-locks and cable locks to protect your bike from thieves.

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OnGuard Beast Chain Lock
Ultra-hardened reinforced steel chain provides maximum cut resistance. It works.

High Crime Area?
Then you need Kryptonite's highest-security lock - the New York Legend. Click here.

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