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Bike Theft Prevention Tips

by Levi Bloom

Here are some tips to prevent your bike from being stolen:

1. Always lock your bike.

A lot of people feel that if their bike is inside their home or garage, that it's safe. But that's not the case at all. Statistics show that most bikes are actually stolen from your dwelling, so keep that bike locked up no matter what!

2. Lock your bike in an open, well-lit area that can be seen by pedestrians and passing motorists.

In this day and age, thieves will swipe your bike from anywhere, even right under your nose. But the more public you make your bike, the less likely it is to be stolen.

Try to put it in an open area, near a window, and/or near other bicycles.

3. Always secure your bike to a SOLID object.

Remember, a small tree is not solid!

Small trees, chain link fence, wooden posts, and other objects are easily broken by thieves. Keep in mind, if they're willing to steal your bike, they're not going to think twice about damaging public property in the process!

4. Be sure to secure any quick-release parts such as wheels or seatpost.

Locking your frame doesn't do a whole lot of good if your expensive parts can be swiped in seconds.

If you have quick-release wheels, make sure you have a cable lock strung through them. If you have a quick-release seatpost, consider taking it inside with you.

5. Do not leave your bike in a rack overnight.

If you leave your bike outside overnight, you're asking for it to be stolen. That just makes it too easy for a thief to steal your bike undetected.

6. Do not lock your bike where you are not allowed.

If you come across a sign that warns you not to lock your bike to a certain object (usually hand railings,) heed their warning! The property owner or police may "steal" your bike!


Follow these tips and it's less likely your bike will be stolen. Thieves like easy targets, so the harder you make it, the better off you are.


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Home > Bike Theft