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How To Lock A Bike

by Levi Bloom

Here's a quick how-to guide to locking your bike so it doesn't get stolen.

1. Get a lock.

Obviously, you need a lock, or this whole plan falls apart! Check out our bike lock test or head to your local bike shop to purchase a good lock.

2. Check out the pictures of correctly locked bikes.

Having a lock is good, but you must use it correctly for it to help you out. So take a look at these photos of correctly locked bikes to get a good visual on what it takes to lock your bike securely.

3. Put the lock through the bike frame, the rear wheel, and/or the front wheel.

Using one or two locks, secure every part of your bike to a solid object. Generally this means locking the frame and both wheels. (In some cases, remove the front wheel and place it next to the frame before locking it all down.)

To be extra safe, you may want to take all quick release parts with you, especially if you have a $100+ saddle.


Then what?

Practice locking your bike to various objects, and then try to steal it. You don't need to carry bolt cutters, but look at your bike and see if you could fanangle a quick way to steal it. If you think you could, lock it a different way!


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Home > Bike Theft