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What To Do If Your Bike Is Stolen

by Levi Bloom

Having your bike stolen sucks. It's like an emotional kick to the groin.

But if it happens, you need to remain calm and act quickly if you want any chance of getting it back.

Here is a little "to do" list for you to help get your bike back:

1. Contact your local police department and file a report.

If you want any help from the police, or if you plan to file any sort of insurance claim, it all starts with a police report. Give them as much information as possible, and be sure you write down the report number they give you!

2. Post missing bike flyers in your neighborhood.

This is a very old school method, commonly used for lost cats and dogs, but it might just work for your stolen bike. This strategy actually works very well in cases where the thief "borrowed" your bike for a ride around town and dumped it somewhere.

Post flyers on local college campuses, coffee shops, telephone poles, bicycle racks, etc.

3. Alert all local bike shops to be on the lookout.

Sometimes thieves will take your stolen bike into a shop to try to sell it to them. Or they might even take it in for a repair job to get it ready to sell on eBay. If your local mechanics have a description of your bike, there's a chance they will spot it and alert the police.

4. Alert all local cycling clubs to be on the lookout.

Chances are slim, but your bike thief might be dumb enough to show up to the local group ride on "their" new bike. If the club recognizes that as your stolen bike, it's entirely possible a lynch mob will ensue!

5. Blog about it.

Blog about your stolen bike as much as possible. Post on Facebook and Twitter, your personal blog, and anywhere you can get the word out online. (Sometimes friends of friends of your friends seeing your photos posted online is a good thing!)

6. Watch eBay for bikes for sale in your zip code.

Be sure to set up alerts on eBay to notify you of any similar bikes listed for sale in or around your zip code. If you see your bike listed, contact law enforcement immediately.


Hopefully those tips will help you to recover your stolen bike!



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Home > Bike Theft