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The Bodyweight Exercise Guide (for Cyclists)


Not sure what the bodyweight exercise and core conditioning trend is all about?

Well, if you've ever had a sore back or just didn't feel like you were putting all your power into the pedals - then that's what it's about! Building up your core muscles (abs, lower back, hip flexors, etc.) is key to strong cycling.

While cycling doesn't work your arms, abs, and back, you sure have to use those muscle groups when you ride. But it's possible to get a good workout at home that hits all those muscles!

On top of that, these are all bodyweight exercises you can do at home with little to no equipment. They'll make you tough without building huge, bulky muscles that will just weigh you down. Just follow the guides provided below.

The Plank

plank thumbnail

The plank is a static exercise the builds tremendous core strength and mental focus.

Click here for instructions >

Six Inches

six inches thumbnail

Six Inches is a static exercise that works your abdominals, since you use them to hold your feet "six inches" in the air.

Click here for instructions >

Scissor Kick

scissor kick thumbnail

Taking Six Inches to a new level, you are now working your abs and hips to move your legs like scissors.

Click here for instructions >

Transverse Plank

transverse plank thumbnail

The Transverse Plank puts you on your side to work your obliques.

Click here for instructions >

Boat Pose

boat post thumbnail

The Boat Pose is another static exercise that puts a big focus on your abs and really works them.

Click here for instructions >

The Reaching Crunch

reaching crunch thumbnail

The Reaching Crunch is an advanced version of the crunch that is much more explosive (as are the results.)

Click here for instructions >

Power Bridge

power bridge thumbnail

The Power Bridge works your glutes and lower back with some pelvic thrust action.

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rest thumbnail

Just as important as all the other exercises is this one known as Rest (or Relaxation, or Recovery.)

Click here for instructions >

Hip Extension

hip extension thumbnail

The hip extension works your core, especially your lower back.

Click here for instructions >

Boxer Ball Crunch

boxer ball crunch thumbnail

You'll bob and weave around the ball while doing a crunch. Works your abs and agility, too.

Click here for instructions >

Mountain Climber

mountain climber thumbnail

You'll be climbing mountains in no time with the quick and powerful legs you'll build from these movements.

Click here for instructions >

Wall Sit

wall sit thumbnail

Time to sit down and relax... as your quads burn.

Click here for instructions >

Reverse Crunch

reverse crunch thumbnail

Target the lower abs even more by taking the typical crunch and doing it in reverse.

Click here for instructions >

Super Man

super man thumbnail

It's a bird... it's a plane... it's a cyclist working his lower back muscles.

Click here for instructions >

All the pictures above feature Bloom Bike Shop team rider Steve Achatz. You can also see Steve on the Team page.

Not sure how often to exercise or how many reps to do? Read this guide to determining sets and reps for bodyweight exercises.


Home > Bodyweight Exercises