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Bodyweight Exercises for Cyclists: Boat Pose


How to do the Boat Pose:

The Boat Pose is a static yoga pose that focuses on your abdominals. It's kind of like the Six Inches drill but with only your sit bones touching the floor.

Sit on the floor with your back upright and your legs straight out in front of you; legs together and arms at your sides. Put your hands on the floor and lean back so your torso is about 45 degrees to the ground.

boat pose 1

Keeping your legs together, lift your knees off the floor then straighten your legs as much as possible. Then, balancing on your sit bones, extend your arms out in front of you.

boat pose 2

Your feet should be right at eye level. Your arms can be straight out (parallel to the floor) or tilted up in the air; the different positions will work your abs in slightly different ways.

Hold for 10 seconds up to 2 minutes.

Why you should do the Boat Pose:

The Boat Pose works your abs, lower back, and hip flexors. It is also said to stimulate the kidneys, thyroid, prostate, and intestines.



Home > Bodyweight Exercises