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Bodyweight Exercises for Cyclists: Scissor Kick


How to do the Scissor Kick:

Start out lying on your back with your legs out straight in front of you. Place your hands under your lower back with palms facing down, which provides support your back. (The scissors kick is similar to the common "six inches" but much more dynamic.)

scissor kick 1

Now, raise your legs and shoulders off the floor. Your legs should comeup 3-6" off the floor; your shoulders, just high enough so that they don't touch the floor. Use your palms and elbows for support, and keep your abs pulled in tight.

scissor kick 2

Start by spreading your legs apart, them bring them back together. When you bring them back together, "scissor" your legs so that one is above the other.

scissor kick 3

You'll see Steve's left leg is on top. Next time he "scissors" his legs, his right leg will be on top.

scissor kick 4

Keep repeating the scissoring motion. Do these in one set of 50 or 100. (Note that one rep involves your left leg over your right and your right leg over your left.)

Why you should do the Scissor Kick:

This works your transverse abdominus and hip flexors, and really works the inner and outer thighs, even in ways cycling does not (to keep your legs balanced for a more efficient pedal stroke.) The motion is also similar to a hip abduction and adduction machine.



Home > Bodyweight Exercises