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Bodyweight Exercises for Cyclists: Wall Sit


How to do the Wall Sit:

The Wall Sit is a lot like you are sitting in a chair, but the wall is your only support!

To get started, stand about 2 feet away from a wall, with your back facing the wall. Hold your arms out in front of you.

wall sit 1

Slowly lower yourself into a "seated" position with your back against the wall and your knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Then hold that position.

Just don't stick your knees out past than your toes, which could put too much pressure on your knees.

wall sit 2

You can start by holding the pose for 30 seconds, but gradually work your way to holding the pose for 5 minutes or more!

Why you should do the Wall Sit:

The Wall Sit works your quads for running and cycling, and especially for skiing and sailing where you are almost in a seated position.



Home > Bodyweight Exercises