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Indoor Training Equipment Buying Guide

by Levi Bloom

Nothing can replace the pure joy of riding your bicycle outdoors. The scenery, the smells, the weather changes, the terrain.. these are just a few of the reasons we are addicted to riding. But...

Sometimes you just have to train indoors!

Bad weather.. Time restraints.. Work late.. Family responsibilities.. the list goes on. Bottom line, best to be prepared for these circumstances by having your indoor training options in place.


If you try, you just might have some fun at it!

No matter which alternative you choose, you will need a few things...

Strong Fan - unless you don't mind flooding, you're gonna sweat!

Heart Rate Monitor - you don't have other riders pushing you, training in heart zones can keep you motivated and add some variety to your training.

Fluids - indoors or outdoors, equally important to stay hydrated.

Music - Training Videos - whatever keeps you motivated.

Remember... ride hard... have fun... add variety... dream about getting back outdoors, you will appreciate it even more!

You have several alternatives. You need to choose which one best fits your budget, your fitness goals, your available training space, but most of all, one that you will use!


With this method you will either ride your bike on rollers, or attach your bike to a resistance trainer. The advantage to this is that you will be riding a real bicycle and can shift gears just like you normally do.


Spinning is an indoor cycling program, normally held in health club classes with an instructor. These classes can be very intense, very energetic and very fun.

Stationary Bicycles

You can either ride an upright bicycle or a recumbent bike. These exercise bikes can be more comfortable, especially the recumbent bike, for people with back problems.

Once you have incorporated some indoor cycling to your training, you'll be very thankful that you did.

Stationary Trainers

If you want to train indoors, using your own bicycle, and having the most realistic ride, then you should look in to Stationary Trainers.

With stationary trainers, you either ride your bicycle on rollers or you attach your bicycle to a resistance trainer.


If you are a more advanced rider, then you might prefer to use a roller. It actually takes skill and balance to ride on rollers.. however, you better pay attention, or you can easily get hurt. I'm sure you don't want to tell your friends that you "crashed" on a "stationary" trainer!

The majority of cyclists should consider a resistance trainer, preferably the foldable ones that attach to your rear hub. It is convenient to use and convenient to fold up and store. If you use this type, you will need something sturdy under the front wheel to keep the bike level.

Look for a unit that is either a fluid or magnetic resistance. They are quieter than the fan system. Also, some have controls to adjust the resistance which will give you more challenging training alternatives.

We recommend the CycleOps FLUID2 Trainericon or CycleOps Magneto Trainericon. CycleOps is a leader in Indoor Cycling and is endorsed by Chris Carmichael, coach of Lance Armstrong.

I would personally recommend 1UpUSA or Kurt Kinetic.


To avoid boredom and to give your indoor cycling workouts some focus, consider buying some Training Videos specifically made for stationary trainers. These videos are varied and are as challenging as you make it.

Choose the features and price range that you feel most comfortable with.


What is the most popular Indoor Cycling Workout?


This high-energy group exercise integrates music, camaraderie and visualization, and participants enjoy a powerful mind-body connection. Spinning is taught by Certified Instructors using specially designed Johnny G Spinner stationary bikes. You utilize a simple set of movements and hand positions. Your fitness results will be unparalleled!

Motivation a problem for you?

Not with Spinning classes. Although you can control the intensity of each class by modifying the resistance, and your body position, I guarantee you will leave the class on a high! ...and drenched in sweat!

You can find Spinning classes in most major cities, you just need to do a little research. Check with any major health club, talk with your local cycling shops or search online... you will find a class.


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