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Bicycle Buying Guide


Are you new to the world of bicycles and cycling?

Want to be the next Lance Armstrong?

This guide will provide answers to your questions and more, by providing guides and helpful advice for buying bikes, clothing, energy bars, whatever!

It can be a hard choice to make when choosing a bike, and downright confusing too. Here is some practical advice for beginners just starting out or enthusiasts looking to try something new.

Browse the topics below to help get started:

Complete Bikes

If you are shopping for a whole new bike. Choose road, mountain, hybrid, cyclocross, or another kind!


Advice on each bike part, from the seat to quick-release skewers!

Shoes and Clothing

Proper gear is critical to your comfort and enjoyment.

Computers and Electronics

Monitor your speed and distance or even power and heart rate.


Stuff you can get to go along with your bike.

Indoor Training

Trainers, rollers, spinning bikes, and videos. Keeping you in shape even when the weather keeps you inside!

Bike Racks

Where should you put your bike - inside, on the roof, on the back??


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