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Everything You Need to Know About Bloom Bike Shop

Bloom Bike Shop was established in March 2002 after years of preparation. Some of the riders in the area, myself included, were displeased with the service from the only shop nearby (which was not even a bike shop.) This led to the creation of my own shop to serve the needs of about three riders.

While the customer base in Clearfield, PA still consists of about three people, we branched out to serve everyone by going online.

So feel free to browse the site as your "virtual" local bike shop!

The website is an ongoing project. You are likely to find lots of unfinished pages. The web site is designed to provide information for riders, mechanics, and shop owners... and someday it will!

(There is no mail order, but you may find other products for sale on-line.)

A quote from Levi Bloom, founder:

"I just didn't have anywhere I could take my bike to get it fixed. When you have a broken bike and no one to fix it, there's only one thing you can do - fix it yourself. And that's what I did. I'll admit, the first bike I took apart, I never got it back together. But since then, I've become pretty good at doing my own repairs."

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