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The Bicycle Repair Glossary, I-L


Idler | IG | Indexed Shifting | Internal | ISIS | ISO | Italian

Jam Nut | Jockey pulley

Kevlar | Keyed Washer | Kick-back Hub | Kickstand | Knobby

Lawyer Lips, Lawyer Tabs | LBS | Left (Hand) Thread | Limit Stop Screw | Linear Pull (brake) | Lock Nut | Lock Ring | Loctite | Low (Gear) | Low Profile | Low-normal | Lug | Lycra


Idler -

IG - IG stands for Interactive Glide, which is a style of Shimano components; more specifically, cassettes and chains.

Indexed Shifting - Unlike with friction shifting, these shifters will have detents for each gear. This allows one to click through the gears and get a positive engagement in each.

Internal -

ISIS - ISIS stands for International Spline Interface Standard. This is a type of crankset and bottom bracket that are made to fit together. Not compatible with Shimano Octalink.

ISO - ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. As the name suggests, it is an international organization that sets standards for bicycle components (think bottom bracket threads and the like.)

Italian -


Jam Nut - A thin, low-profile locknut that is often "jammed" against a standard locknut to lock the two in place.

Jockey pulley - The upper pulley on a rear derailleur which guides the chain between cogs.


Kevlar - A very strong yet flexible synthetic fiber, typically used to make the beads of folding tires. (Also used in bullet-proof vests.)

Keyed Washer -

Kick-back Hub -

Kickstand - A device that holds your bicycle upright when parked. It is "kicked" with your foot to move it up or down.

Knobby - A tire with an aggressive tread pattern for off-road use. The tread resembles a group of rubber "knobs" on the surface.


Lawyer Lips, Lawyer Tabs -

LBS - Stands for Local Bike Shop.

Left (Hand) Thread -

Limit Stop Screw -

Linear Pull (brake) -

Lock Nut -

Lock Ring -

Loctite - The popular brand name threadlocker compound. Used to keep bolts and screws from loosening unintentionally.

Low (Gear) -

Low Profile -

Low-normal - A type of derailleur in which the spring tension pulls it to the low gear. So it is "normally" in "low" gear when there is no cable tension applied to it.

Lug -

Lycra - A tight, stretchy fabric used for cycling clothing. Sometimes called spandex.


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