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4 star rating

Barnett's Manual Review

by Levi Bloom

barnetts manual book cover

Barnett's Manual takes the mystery out of every procedure. The illustrations, measurements, and descriptions are simply the best available.

The pages are even grease-resistant!


Pros: Comprehensive - it covers everything. (Well, it used to.)

Cons: Expensive and hard to find.

I believe the latest version is from 2003, so you can imagine that it will be hard to find. (Some used copies are listed on for $600.)

The Final Word

It has been available for download online in PDF format, although I think they put an end to that because they were illegal copies. But it is an amazing book that's great to have on your work bench, so you may want to invest in it, if only for the grease resistant pages!

Just don't go out of your way to find it or spend too much - it's old, after all.


Home > Product Reviews