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4 star rating

Cyclo-Club Review

by Levi Bloom

Cyclo-Club is a cool new "members-only" club website for cyclists. It is an informational website filled with articles, tutorials, videos, expert advice, blogs, discussion boards, and more. As a paying member, you are entitled to enjoy all of this information and free downloads from the experts.

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Pros: Cyclo-Club is full of information - there is no doubt about that. There is a wide variety of information for all cyclists; it's a combination of 'cycling 101 - the basics' and 'never-before-seen secret tips' from the experts. On top of that, there are weekly contests with cool prizes. It does feel like a "club" atmosphere.

There are two things I really like. First, the platinum discussion forums. You can actually get personalized advice direct from the experts in these forums (*if you are a platinum member.) Second, the bike repair videos. It's hard to find a quality bicycle repair video that actually does a good job teaching the procedure while demonstrating the repair, but that's what you get in the "You Can Fix It" section in Cyclo-Club.

Cons: While there is a lot of information in Cyclo-Club, some departments don't have much information yet. That will probably change, as Cyclo-Club is still so new, but some sections could be expanded. For example, I like to read product reviews before buying anything, and Cyclo-Club only has about five or six reviews in there right now.

The Final Word

Overall, Cyclo-Club delivers enough value that it is worth the investment. Basic membership is just $10 per month, and some tips are worth that much by themselves. I've picked up a few nutrition tips and bike fit tips that are worth well over $10 due to the comfort and performance benefits I'll get in the long run.

I highly suggest taking a look at the Club and joining for a month. (If you don't like it, you can always cancel later on.) Learn more at


Home > Product Reviews