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4.5 star rating

Dumonde Tech Lite Chain Lube Review

by Levi Bloom

dumonde tech lite lube

This is a technologically advanced chain lube. As you ride, this lube forms a low-friction, plastic plating that bonds to the chain and can't be washed off.

Pros: This lube keeps the chain clean and running smooth for a long time. It could last for months, depending on how often you ride and in what conditions. It is a light, dry lube that's great for road bike use.

And it smells very good.

Cons: The lube takes a long time to apply, because it is still a bit thicker than other lubes like ProLink.

It is also the most expensive lube out there, on a "per ounce" basis.

The Final Word

This is hands down the best chain lube I've ever seen. It even beats ProLink, which I loved for years! It's expensive, but it lasts so long that it is actually a great value! (So you save time and money!)

If you are a road biker, get this. If you are a mountain biker who doesn't ride in too nasty of conditions, get this. It's great for dusty dirt roads.

(Mountain bikers who face mud and gunk on a daily basis should use regular Dumonde Tech Lube.)


Home > Product Reviews