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4 star rating

Innovations Ultraflate Plus CO2 Inflator Review

by Levi Bloom

innovations ultraflate

The Ultraflate Plus from Genuine Innovations is a new version of the Ultraflate, probably the most popular CO2 inflation system amongst road and mountain bikers.

Pros: Makes for quick and easy inflation of road and mountain bike tires with the 16g or Big Air cartridges.

The locking tab in the back makes sure you don't accidentally discharge the CO2, and the trigger allows you to properly modulate the CO2 for proper inflation.

It also looks classy.

Cons: It is a little bit bigger than some other inflators, so if you use a tiny seatbag, there might not be room for this.

The Final Word

I love the trigger, and I carry one of these in my seatbag on all my road bike rides. I would choose one of these instead of the Innovations Microflate unless you really need to conserve space.


Home > Product Reviews