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4 star rating

Innovations Ultraflate CO2 Inflator Review

by Levi Bloom

innovations ultraflate

The Ultraflate from Genuine Innovations is a legendary CO2 inflator, probably the most popular one used today.

These inflators use CO2 cartridges to inflate your tires much faster than you could with a mini pump, and these take up less space.

Pros: It works well and it works fast, which is especially great if you are racing, but also nice for any during-ride inflation needs.

It is compatible with many sizes of CO2 cartridges, the trigger is quick and easy to use, and it seems pretty durable.

Cons: Using up CO2 cartridges can get expensive, so don't use this your day-to-day tire airing needs.

The Final Word

I carry one of these, plus a Big Air CO2 cartridge, with me for every mountain bike race. I love it.


Home > Product Reviews