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4.5 star rating

Park CT-3 Chain Tool Review

by Levi Bloom

park ct-3

The Park CT-3 chain breaker is a tool used to remove and install chains by forcing a pin out of a link (or by pushing it back in.) This is the full-size model made for daily use in bike shops or the home mechanic who requires the best equipment.

Pros: The best thing about the CT-3 is the large handle, which offers greater comfort and leverage compared to smaller models. So it's easy to use, but also super strong and durable. I used mine for years and it never complained. (That's no surprise, though, because Park Tool is known for their quality.)

If the tool's pin ever wears out, you can just buy a new one. That will be $1 or so, instead of buying a whole new tool.

Cons: You can't carry it with you that easily for trail side repairs. If space in your seat bag is tight or you want to save weight, you'll want a smaller chain tool.

The Final Word

This is the best chain tool I've ever used, and I highly recommend it. It will last for years, even when used daily.


Home > Product Reviews