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4.5 star rating

Pedro's Tire Lever Review

by Levi Bloom

pedros tire levers

Pedro's tire levers are bright, sturdy tire levers used to install and remove tires from the rim. They are now sold in pairs in a variety of colors, although yellow is the Pedro's standard.

Many people consider Pedro's levers to be the best tire levers.

Pros: These are possibly the toughest plastic tire levers out there. They will install and remove tight tires with ease, without breaking.

They come with a lifetime guarantee, but I've never broken one. They are so sturdy they don't even feel fragile at all.

Cons: None.

The Final Word

If you only get one type of tire lever, get Pedro's. They are simply the best tire levers you can get.

I like to keep one in my seatbag, one in my Camelbak, and a few in the workshop, so I'm never without a Pedro's tire lever.


Home > Product Reviews