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4 star rating

Planet Bike Airmate Digital Air Gauge Review

by Levi Bloom

planet bike airmate

This is a digital air gauge to check air pressure on your tires. It offers a digital display with backlight, a pressure bleed valve, multiple readings (psi, etc.) and even an LED flashlight for finding valves in the dark.

The gauge works for both Presta and Schrader valves.

Pros: This gauge works well and provides accurate, easy-to-read numbers in seconds. It's nice that it's designed for bikes, because it will provide readings from around 25 psi for mountain bike tires to over 100 psi for road tires (while working fine for car tire pressures around 30 psi.)

The LED flashlight actually works, too. (Although I've never actually needed it.)

Cons: The battery life is terrible. I don't need to use this very much, and it has an auto-off feature built in, but the battery died in less than a year. (Contrast that to wireless cyclocomputers, that I use constantly, getting battery life around three years.)

And then this uses up my good batteries, so in the off chance my cyclocomputer dies, I'm out of batteries!

The Final Word

I love having a digital air gauge, and this one works great for my bikes and cars. I'm just wondering when the battery will die next...


Home > Product Reviews