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4 star rating

Rocky Mounts Noose SL Roof Rack Review

by Levi Bloom

rocky mounts noose sl

This is a roof rack from Rocky Mounts. It allows you to transport your bike on the roof of your car.

Pros: The Noose works great and it looks good, too, thanks to the many color options you can choose.

The best thing about this rack is how you can use them on any base rack, even factory racks. So if your car already has a roof rack (like on the Jeep,) this will save you a few hundred dollars that you would otherwise spend on a Yakima or Thule rack. Not to mention that the Noose itself is cheaper than any comparable models.

It works with road and mountain bikes, and even fits disc brakes with the available adapter. Locking cores are available, too, to keep your bike secured to the rack.

To top things off, the customer service is amazing.

(My first set of locking cores had a defect causing the key to not work. I just talked to the company and they sent out all new stuff free of charge, and then everything worked perfectly.)

Cons: There are very few cons to this rack. The paint has chipped on mine, but I've been using them in the Northeast USA for over four years, so I can't complain about minor cosmetic damage.

The only other thing is that one of my ratcheting straps doesn't lock down completely. I push it down and it sort of pops back up. It still locks down the bike though so I guess it's OK (it hasn't given me a hint of any problem.)

The Final Word

I've used these for about four years now, and I'm very happy with them. I would certainly buy another set of these if I was in the market for a roof rack.

I'd recommend them for everyone, but especially if your car/SUV already has a factory roof rack. (Just don't try to carry four bikes on a factory roof rack, as there are certain weight limits.)



Home > Product Reviews