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4.5 star rating

Talcum Powder Review

by Levi Bloom

Talcum powder or baby powder, whatever you want to call it - that's what we're looking at. Just the regular stuff you get at the department store under any brand name.

Yes, this is actually a legitimate lubricant used by bicycle mechanics!

Pros: Talcum powder is useful to lube between tubes and tires. It wards off pinch flats and keeps the tube from bonding to the tire.

You can easily find it at any department store, and it's cheap.

Cons: None.

Just don't get a dust cloud in your eyes! It can also make the floor slippery!

The Final Word

Using talc on your tubes and inside your tires is one of the best things you can do to prevent pinch flats. Do it!

Don't bother with any specialty 'tube lube' that costs a lot more, though. It's unnecessary. Just some Gold Bond powder or even a store brand is good. (Your tubes won't complain or have an allergic reaction to it.)


Home > Product Reviews