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Bike Repair Guide: Headset and Bottom Bracket


Here are tutorials to keep your headset and bottom bracket working flawlessly.

Headset Repairs and Maintenance:


Bottom Bracket Repairs and Maintenance:


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How to make your own cup press - Instructions for making your own headset cup press can be found in the home mechanic section. Normal cup presses cost between $50 and $100, but you can make your own for under $5.

The Headset Guide - Your guide to conventional, internal, and integrated headsets.


Bottom bracket tip: If you have a steel frame thats been sitting around awhile that you want to build, the BB shell might have some rust in it that have deformed the threads a bit. Chase the threads with old BB cups. Go slow and use some light lubricant. all ready for a new BB.



Home > Bike Repair > Headset/Bottom Bracket