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So you want to start doing your own bike repairs at home? Good idea! It can be fun and rewarding to fix your own bikes.

I like to live by the motto, "if you want something done right, you've gotta do it yourself." It is so true, especially for anything "repair" related jobs.

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Then review these articles which should answer your questions about fixing your own bike at home:


The Home Bike Shop

These guides cover everything from setting up your own workshop to building your own repair stands.


Tool Lists

These are recommended bike repair tool lists that you'll want to have in your home workshop.



Make Your Own T-shirts - This guide will show you how to make your own t-shirts with spray paint and/or fabric paint and some household supplies.


Random tip: Instead of buying special soap to remove all the extra grease from your hands, do this: Rub vegetable oil into your hands before you wash them. It loosens the grease and you can use your regular soap.


Home > The Home Bike Mechanic