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4.5 star rating

Park CCP-4 Crank Puller Review

by Levi Bloom

park ccp-4

The Park CCP-4 is a crank pulling tool much like the CCP-2, except that it works to remove cranks from ISIS splined bottom brackets.

Pros: It works flawlessly. (I only used it a few times, but it worked perfectly each time and I had no problems whatsoever.)

It seems well built, which is no surprise, because it's made by Park tools.

It costs about $12.95, but the value is that it will pay for itself after 1 or 2 uses. (You save money not having to go to the bike shop.)

Cons: As with most Park tools, I can't think of any.

The Final Word

If your bike has a splined bottom bracket (as opposed to a square-taper,) this is the tool for you.

Tip: Get a CCP-2 if your bike has a square-taper bottom bracket.


Home > Product Reviews