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4 star rating

Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser Review

by Levi Bloom

simple green degreaser

Simple Green is an all-purpose cleaner and degreaser that works on bikes.

You can find it in most department stores and hardware stores (because it works for many things besides bicycles.)

Pros: No doubt about it, Simple Green works. It's great for cleaning most kinds of goo and gunk off your bike. The best part is how well it works to clean your rims.

It has a fairly pleasant smell, it's Eco-friendly, and it's safe on your hands. Plus, inexpensive.

Cons: It can get a bit sticky, so don't use it on disc brake rotors.



The Final Word

This is my go-to degreaser for at least 80% of jobs, so I highly recommend it. Simple Green also sells a specialized bicycle cleaner, although I just use the all-purpose one. (If you can find the bicycle cleaner, it's probably good too.)

I suggest buying a bottle of this, even if you only use it for cleaning rims.


Home > Product Reviews